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Yoga, Canyoning and Hiking retreat

Yoga, Canyoning and Hiking retreat : click to enlarge
Yoga, Canyoning and Hiking retreat Yoga, Canyoning and Hiking retreat Yoga, Canyoning and Hiking retreat Yoga, Canyoning and Hiking retreat Yoga, Canyoning and Hiking retreat
Yoga, Canyoning and Hiking retreat Yoga, Canyoning and Hiking retreat Yoga, Canyoning and Hiking retreat Yoga, Canyoning and Hiking retreat Yoga, Canyoning and Hiking retreat
Yoga, Canyoning and Hiking retreat Yoga, Canyoning and Hiking retreat
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Yoga, Canyoning and Hiking retreat in Kithira, Greece. 

This event has multiple date options from May until October 2018. 

For the charatcterist of Abramis Villa we can accommodate maxmimum 6 guests. 

Each retreat runs from Saturday (arrival) to Friday (departure). 

Here below you have a date and price option:


  • May 26/05-1/06. Price per single 690 Euro. Price per couple 1,050 Euro. 
  • June 2/06-8/06. Price per single 750 Euro. Price per couple 1,250 Euro.
  • July 21/07-2707 Price per single 790 Euro. Price per couple 1,430 Euro.
  • September & October 29/09-5/10 Price per single 620 Euro. Price per couple 1,190 Euro.

This retreat offers you a unique experience of hiking, canyoning and yoga. You can visit some of the most scenic hiking destinations and the idyllic nature of Kithira, with its beautiful waterfalls, majestic wildwood, and breathtaking views will leave you feeling awe.

Yoga Canyoning and Hiking Retreat is an held in a traditional Kithirian house, offering on-going personalized lifestyle holiday close to the wild nature of the island.

This active retreat is an excellent way to revitalize yourself and return to your daily life feeling fresh and ready to take on new challenges.

This holiday is not just for yogi, but for whom wish to experience a super healthy lifestyle and going back to a routine program.

You will love your stay in this retreat, returning to your home leaner, cleaner, lighter, brighter, stronger, more fit, re-booted, rejuvenated, and enthused. Use your retreat as a springboard to a healthier, greener, yogic lifestyle! This is far more than a vacation, it’s a transformation!

Daily Program:

Each day we begin with meditation, pranayama or short asana practice, followed by breakfast prepared by our Tousssa, the house-owner. We then trek through incredible scenery, giving you opportunity to detach from the outside world and tune into your true self. Upon our arrival, we take rest and then again flow through an asana practice to encourage growth and healing in our bodies and spirits. Most of our evenings will end at the beach, followed by dinner and light refreshments.

During the week you will be hiking and canyoning for a total of 20 hours. Together with “Abramis Explorer” and myself, we will discover a different landscape every day. The four routes designed for this retreat are:

  • Mylopotamos

  • Kakia Lagkada

  • Agia Moni

  • and the North part of Karavas village

Hiking and canyoning level is consider beginner, I personally did myself and I loved every single minute of it! You don’t have to be an experienced hiker, instead team spirit and humor are welcome to softener challenges along the journey…

Your Yoga:

Along with hiking and canyoning you will be practicing about one hour or one hour and and 15’ a day of Yoga. Respectively 15’-20’’ before breakfast and up to 45’ before dinner. Hatha yoga and Vinyasa flow are the two main style for this retreat. The level is beginner, no previous yoga experience is required to go through the sequences. At the same time each class at the beginning of the day will warm you up to start the hike & canyoning, and at the end of the day, it will help to stretch muscles and to feel toned. In specific, the asanas that we will be practise are: sun salutation A & B, forward fold from sitting, gentle spine twist, leg stretch such as warrior I, I and III, lunges and few soft hip opener postures. No deep inversion or backbend are included in the asana. Each yoga sequence is thought as functional to the hiking or canyoning session.

Everyday Program:


1st Day - Saturday, arrival. 

•          Going to the room - settle down

•          Small hike in Mitata

•          Dinner at Mihalis


2nd Day - Sunday

•           7.00 Meditation and Breakfast

•           8.00 Canyoning at Mylopotamos Neraida - 3 hours

•          17.00 Yoga at Neraida - 1hour

•          Dinner at Platanos


3rd Day - Monday

•           7.00 Pranayama and Breakfast

•           8.00 Hiking Karavas - 4-6 hours 

•          17.00 Yoga at Amir ali/Portokalia

•           Dinner Lemonokipos in Karavas


4th Day - Tuesday

•           7.00 Asana and Breakfast

•           8.00 Canyoning at Kakia Lagkada - 4.30 hours

•           17.30 Yoga at Kakia Lagkada/Agia Pelagia

•           Dinner at Kaleris in Agia Pelagia


5th Day - Wednesday

•           7.30 Asana and Breakfast

•           8.30 Hiking at Agia Moni - 2-6 hours 

•           18.00 Yoga at Palaiopoli

•           Dinner at Skandeia


6th Day - Thursday

•           7.30 Meditation Breakfast

•           8.30 Canyoning at Mylopotamos- 4 hours 

•           18.00 Yoga at the beach

•           Goodbye Dinner at Platanos


7th Day - Friday- Goodbye!

•           Morning yog at Mitata and check out by 12.00.



YCH retreat is exclusive for max 6 people. This is to guarantee high safety during the canyoning and to balance the time between each rapel.

You will be staying in Abramis Villa,  a traditional Kithiran house located in Mitata, a village in the middle of Kithira.

The rooms are decorated and spacious, with sizes that can go up to 24 square meters. All rooms have an en-suite private bathroom and access to veranda and garden. Some have balconies, but not all. All rooms have double mattress bed, kitchenette, heating, A/C, Internet and TV.

As this is a typical Kithirian house, any feature is characteristic of the traditional architecture of the island. Aspect to find fire place in your bedroom, arches to separate space and low sailing in the bathroom (especially in one of them). Back in the days, these features existed to maintain the rooms warm, as there were not central heating..

The Villa doesn’t offers an in-house yoga studio, instead the daily asana class will be held along with the daily excursion, crowning of the day together.

In the Villa’s garden you will have the opportunity to practice meditation or pranayama in the mornings or just enjoying the wild nature around. In the morning the sunrise fills the room with energy and the late afternoon turns the garden into a magical place to be.


Mitata is located at the center of the Kithira island, in a short distance from the airport and just 20 minutes away from the port of Diakofti. The village is built in the Northern slope of Tsakona’s gorge at an altitude of 325 meters (1066 ft.).

The location has to present significant both archaeological and paleontological findings with specimens dating from the Minoic Era and sea shells sentiments dated from several million years.

The village’s square, the so called balcony of Kythera, offers panoramic views of Ai Giorgi’s mountain (St. George’s) and Palaiopoli’s beach, also of the historical Palaiokastro and the nearby village of Viaradika.In the past the village was one of the main sources in fruit and vegetables providing the local market and even an indigenous variety of peach was developed, named Aphrodite’s breasts. Nowadays the locals are trying to keep the traditional color and legends alive, having founded the “Myrtia” union to help with reflecting the best of Mitata.



Your meals will comprise of healthy delicious food with various vegetarian, fish meat options. All products are coming from Kithira. Please communicate to us in advance for any specific food diet/allergies. Your food will be balanced between carbs, proteins and fat will attention to calories and sugar.


  • 6 nights accommodation

  • daily yoga session

  • 3 guided hiking

  • 3 guided canyoning

  • yoga props

  • canyoning and hiking safety wear

  • all breakfasts and dinners

  • car rental for each excursion

  • snap photos and movies during each trip

  • airport or port transfer (from/to)

  • Internet


  • flight tickets to/from Kithira

  • hiking shoes

  • alchool


  • 20 hours of canyoning and hiking

  • different scene seeing every day

  • genuine local products from Kithira

  • functional yoga classes designed for hiking and canyoning

  • visit to 3 Kithirian beaches

  • visit to local market and spring waters

  • possibility to work with lifecoach and fitness guide


Kithira island -Location:

This yoga holiday will take place in Kithira, one of the wildest Greek islands.

The ancient myth that referred the island as Aphrodite’s birthplace has been the inspiration for the paintings of celebrated artists such as Sandro Botticelli and Jean-Antoine Watteau. 

Now, a trip to Kýthera is the symbol of a burning desire, of hankering for beauty; and not unjustly so.

You will be staying in Kapsali, a small village by the sea with a traditional community feel. It still largely upholds the true rural Kithirian ethics of simplicity, kindness, and hospitality.

Near the picturesque village of Kapsali, that are visible from the Castle of Chora, are two twins sandy bays. The smaller one consists of small rocks and is quite remote, while the other one offers a refreshing swim at the beautiful crystal waters.

Kapsali is one of the most popular beaches of Kythira lined with restaurants and cafes. Due to its safe and pleasant environment it is quite ideal for families and children. Visitors are amazed by the stunning mountain backdrop and the cosmopolitan atmosphere. The rocky islet of Avgo can be seen offshore, forming a strange shape, reminding of Uranus genitals, thrown by Cronus in the sea from which Aphrodite roused. The locals claim that it is the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and desire.


Kithira island -Getting there:

There are a lot of ways to come to Kythira. 

  • By Plane from the international Airport of Athens.
  • By boat from Piraeus.
  • By car up to Gythion and Neapoli Lakonias and from there again by boat.
  • If you come from Crete you can take the boat in Kasteli of Kissamos (district of Chania).
  • Furthermore, there are flying dolphins departing from the port of Piraeus.

To choose your way to Kithira, read here what Andrew Bostock from The Telegraph wrote about it:

“Kythira can be troublesome to get to, a positive advantage in the perfect island stakes. It is not close to any of the better known islands, lying on its own at the bottom of the Peloponnese peninsula. You can fly there, but only on local flights, and the familiar UK package tour is unknown on the island. The best way to arrive is by boat. This can be done, rather indirectly, from Athens or, more pleasurably, from the little southern port of Neapoli, after a journey that can take in some of the delights of the Peloponnese itself”.

You can discover more about Kithira by reading his full article of 2015:


Booking condition and other important info:

  • You can secure your spot by paying a deposit of about 20% (of the total amount) by bank or paypall transfer. 
  • Your 20% deposit holds your spot. The remaining 80% can be paid one month prior to your arrival in Kithira. 
  • If minimum number of participants (4) is not met, you’ll be notified one month prior to your arrival. In case you already made the full payment by then, you will receive a FULL refund within the next two or three weeks.
  • If you cancel or change your plans one month prior to your arrival your deposit will not be refunded.  
  • Friends, partners and families are more than welcome to come along even if they don't practice yoga. We will make a special price for them without including the yoga lessons price and they will be able to do all sorts of activities while you are practicing.
  • Parkolife is also able to assist you with all onward travel at the end of the retreat. 
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