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5 Days AcroYoga in Kithira

 5 Days AcroYoga in Kithira: click to enlarge
 5 Days AcroYoga in Kithira  5 Days AcroYoga in Kithira  5 Days AcroYoga in Kithira  5 Days AcroYoga in Kithira  5 Days AcroYoga in Kithira
 5 Days AcroYoga in Kithira  5 Days AcroYoga in Kithira  5 Days AcroYoga in Kithira  5 Days AcroYoga in Kithira
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AcroYoga short retreat in Karavas, June & September 2018.

This retreat has two date option for summer 2018. The program, itinerary and price is exactly the same. What's change is the date:

13th – 17th June 2018

12th – 16th Septemeber 2018



We offer AcroYoga lovers a trip to Kithira – Greece’s most unspoilt island. This a 4-night / 5-day retreat is for both the beginner and intermediate level. It is especially for those who wish to learn more about AcroYoga, but already have a grasp of the basics. Alone or with your friends, it is not necessary to come to the retreat with your dedicated Acroyoga partner. Our aim is to provide you with a completely safe environment to build your confidence and improve your skillset while giving you the best holiday – right here in Kithira.  

Keen to know if this retreat is for you? Here’s a list of basic positions that you’ll need to know in order to join the retreat in comfort: Front Plank, Front Bird, Foot to Shin, Throne, Reverse Throne, Back Bird and Back Plank.

Together we will progress toward new acro yoga asana such as: Star and Reverse Star, Inside and Outside Star, Tick Tock. And much more!

On top of these, we will also provide you with the foundation to play the 3 Washing Machine Style and to take the steps towards a more advanced progression.

AcroYoga is a way to connect and to be together. So, at the end of each day – we will end with a lovely Therapeutic Thai Massage.

As the AcroYoga instructor for the event, my aim is to:

  • Demonstrate the importance of safety when practising AcroYoga

  • Build solid foundations that allow you to become more creative in your self-practice

  • Increase your fitness level – this retreat will build strength and increase flexibility

  • Introduce you to the beautiful nature and wildlife or Kithira.

When I took part in my first AY event, I knew immediately that it was for me. The lively environment and the strong human connections were things that I had never experienced in a Yoga class. The challenge of AcroYoga seemed to provide me with the perfect mindset, right from the beginning. Even now – after a few years practising and gaining my AcroYoga instructor’s certificate – I still get this same feeling from it.

AcroYoga has a unique way of filling me with adrenaline, while cooling down thoughts in my monkey mind – all at the same time. Practising AY is like meditation. You have to be fully present in order to make it happen. And when it’s over, you just feel fantastico!


Day 1, Wednesday. Arrival! We are happy to pick you up from the airport or the port. There will be an evening opening time with candles, chocolate, fruits, live music and smiles.

Day 2, Thursday

•           7.00-9.30 AcroYoga asana & practice

•           10.30 Brunch in Almir Ali

•          After 12.00, 1 excursion in Lagada beach & Agia Pelagia

•          18.00 Therapeutic session back in the Villa

•          20.00 Dinner

Day 3, Friday

•           7.00-9.30 AcroYoga Asana & practice

•          10.30 Brunch in Almir Ali

•          After 12.00, 2 excursion in Kapsali

•          18.00 AcroYoga session in Zeidoros

•          20.00 Dinner at Pierros

Day 4, Saturday

•          8.00 AcroYoga asana & practice in the Villa

•          10.30 brunch in the Villa

•          After 12.00, 3 excursions to Likodimos and a  therapeutic session by the beach..

•          20.00 Dinner in Agia Pelagia

Day 5, Sunday. Departure day

•          8.00 AcroYoga asana & practice in the Villa

•          You can comfortably leave the Villa after 1 pm.

•          For this day, we are happy to drive you to the airport or port. 


You will be staying in the village on the north side of the island, called Karavas. It is one of the most traditional and character-filled villages on the island. It is famous for its water springs and and it’s local artists and characters.


For this retreat we chose a charming Villa, in Karavas. The Villa has two floors, bathrooms with shower and amenities. The lounge and kitchen overlook the pool. It is surrounded by plants and feels immersed in nature. You can relax in the garden, read a book or dive in the pool. The morning Yoga lessons will be held in the garden.

The choice of rooms depends on the type of accommodation you prefer. You can choose between:

    1. Rooms with ensuite bathroom, 450 Euro per person. 

    2. Double bedrooms both suitable for one person or couple, 385 Euro per person. 

    3. or you can share with five other people, 325 Euro per person. 

In the Villa there are 3 bathrooms, external and internal showers.


Homemade brunch and dinner will be served throughout your stay. Your meals will comprise healthy, delicious food with various vegetarian, fish and meat options. All meals are made with local produce from Kithira. Please tell us in advance of any specific food diet/allergies. Your food will be balanced between carbs, proteins and fat, with consideration of calories and sugar.


      • 4 nights' accommodation

      • 4 hours of AcroYoga and Therapeutic each day

      • Delicious and healthy breakfasts, brunches, dinners, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages

      • Yoga mats and props

      • Round trip transportation to all group activities and excursions during the retreats

      • Sunbeds and Umbrellas at all beaches we visit

      • 3 excursions in Kithira

      • Pick up and drop off from/to airport/port



      • Beach tours

      • Historical tour of North Kithira

      • SUP and surfing

      • Music and instruments classes

      • Nature walks


      • Thai massage

      • Reiki

      • Shiatsu massage

      • Palm reading


  • You can secure your spot by paying a deposit of 20% (of the total amount).

  • Your 20% deposit secures your spot. The remaining 80% can be paid one month prior to your arrival in Kithira.

  • If minimum number of participants is not met, you’ll be notified one month prior to your arrival. In case you already made the full payment by then, you will receive a full refund within the next two to three weeks.

  • If you cancel or change your plans one month prior to your arrival your deposit will not be refunded.  

  • Friends, partners and families are more than welcome to come along even if they don't practice yoga. We will make a special price for them without including the yoga lessons price and they will be able to do all sorts of activities while you are practicing.

  • Parkolife is also able to assist you with all onward travel at the end of the retreat.

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