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Yoga Retreat "I ❤ Yoga"

Yoga Retreat  "I ❤ Yoga" : click to enlarge
Yoga Retreat  "I ❤ Yoga" Yoga Retreat  "I ❤ Yoga" Yoga Retreat  "I ❤ Yoga" Yoga Retreat  "I ❤ Yoga" Yoga Retreat  "I ❤ Yoga"
Yoga Retreat  "I ❤ Yoga" Yoga Retreat  "I ❤ Yoga" Yoga Retreat  "I ❤ Yoga" Yoga Retreat  "I ❤ Yoga" Yoga Retreat  "I ❤ Yoga"
Yoga Retreat  "I ❤ Yoga" Yoga Retreat  "I ❤ Yoga"
MSRP: €0.00

Yoga Retreat "I ❤ YOGA"

LOCATION: Kithira-Greece




You have the chance to choose between four different dates and between single or double room:



  • SINGLE 710 €
  • DOUBLE 635 €



  • SINGLE 760 €
  • DOUBLE 655 €



  • SINGLE 990 €
  • DOUBLE 760 €



  • SINGLE 990 €
  • DOUBLE 880 €



  • SINGLE 710 €
  • DOUBLE 625 €


Real love is found in both the second and fourth Chakra of the heart. The heart is a purely spiritual chakra. The energy of the heart moves in spirals. It is full of twists and turns.

With an open heart, we will attract others with open hearts. We all need love to be healthy. 

In order to receive real love from another, the greatest human gift, we must first accept all of the truths about ourselves. Without this,  we will never know love. If we haven’t yet accepted who we really are, and learned to treasure this person fully, then we can’t give or receive real love. Loving oneself is birth place of true love!


Come to unplug,

to discover your inner self, to relax and learn who you really are, because this is the path toward self-realization.

We believe that each one of us is a lovely person, searching for our own piece of happiness!



Relaxation, inner balance, self-awareness, and tranquility will be the main focuses of this retreat. You will feel the grace and tranquility of the bright Kithirian waters, birthplace of the love Goddess Aphrodite -  and forget all the through relaxation. 

This vacation is for those who want to clear out the dust of urban life and return to a feeling of lightness and simplicity. 

What distinguishes them from other retreats is that we provide all of the information and lead your health, detox and yoga education. There are multiple workshops and talks with subjects ranging from nutrition, life-coaching, meditation, pranayama, and sleep enhancement. During the retreat you will also experience a creativity and expression sessions using the caviardage technique.



Yoga sessions are designed to get b your healthy body back, balance your hormones, stretch you out and allow you to feel more open. We’ll help you to become more flexible, to remove the tension in your muscles and make you feel more free in your own body. This new flexibility will then help to influence your attitude towards daily life. Open body and open mind!

Yoga nourishes you on every level. It is equally important to feed the body, mind, and spirit. So during the retreat, we concentrate on the practice of asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breath control), and dhyana (meditation).

Through the use of the Hatha yoga system, we invite you to begin or to continue your yogic journey with us so that you can experience feelings of total well being and release those feelings of happiness, love, laughter, harmony and fun. We’ll also help you to work towards life’s true success - that of a peaceful mind.


Everyday Program:


Sunday- arrival

•          18.00 Presentation of the retreat week and opening ceremony in Zeidoros.

•          19.00 Dinner all together.


Monday – First Day

•           7.00-7.30 Pranayama

•           7:45-9.00 Hatha Yoga session at Zeidoros 

•           9.30-10.30 Brunch

•           from 10.30 free time

•           18.30-19.30 Vinyasa Flow

•           20.00 Dinner


Tuesday - Second Day

•           7.00-7.30 Pranayama

•           7:45-9.00 Hatha Yoga session at Zeidoros 

•           9.30-10.30 Brunch

•           from 10.30 free time

•           18.00-19.30 Music class

•           20.00 Dinner


Wednesday- Third Day

•           7.00-7.30 Pranayama

•           7:45-9.00 Acro Vinyasa session at Zeidoros 

•           9.30-10.30 Brunch

•           11.30 Visit to Karavas Bakery or Free time

•           18.00-19.30 Fun Acro Yoga Jam at the beach

•           20.00 Dinner


Thursday- Fourth Day

•           7.00-7.30 Pranayama

•           7:45-9.00 Vinyasa session at Zeidoros 

•           9.30-10.30 Brunch

•           from 10.30 free time

•           18.00-19.30 Caviarage workshops

•           20.00 Dinner


Friday- Fifth Day

•           7.00-7.30 Pranayama

•           7:45-9.00 Hatha Yoga session at Zeidoros 

•           9.30-10.30 Brunch

•           from 10.30 free time

•           18.00-19.00 Music Bath at Zeidoros 

•           20.00 Dinner at a “secret location” on the island.


Saturday- GoodBye Day!

•           Optional Yoga Class on Saturday morning at 10.00.



Zeidoros consists of a listed Venetian building, an amphitheatre and a bistro area. Chiara has chosen this location because of it's history as a symbol of beauty and love.

The amphitheatre - modelled on the ancient Greek theatres - features outstanding acoustics and can host an audience of three hundred. Made exclusively of natural materials, the amphitheatre's shape is a metaphor for Love.

The Deck area - under the thick shade of ancient olive trees - offers a peaceful spot to practise for your daily yoga and pranayama. The olive tree represents wellbeing, wisdom and joie de vivre and is the perfect place to rest and recharge.



Six fantastic meals; brunch and dinner will be served throughout your stay in Zeidoros place. Your meals will comprise of healthy delicious food with various vegetarian and fish options.



Centrally located in Kapsali Bay, within 5 minutes walk from Zidoros and close to the beach.  Family run apartments, carefully selected for their cosy ambience, cleanliness and spectacular sea views.  All apartments have a fully equipped kitchen and private bathroom.  You will have the option to choose a single, double or twin room.  If you are happy to share with another yogi, please let us know.


What's included:

    • 6 nights' accommodation
    • Ability to work with a personal trainer in a fitness class setting
    • Stand up paddle boarding
    • Delicious and healthy breakfasts, brunches, dinners, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages
    • 1 Fitness class by the beach
    • Multiple workshops
    • Yoga mats and props
    • Round trip transportation to all group activities and excursions during the retreat
    • Visit to Karavas Bakery


Free time option:

    • Beach tours
    • Historical tour of Kithira
    • Sup and surfing
    • A taste of Acro Yoga at the beach
    • Capoeira music and classes
    • Nature walks
    • Thai massage
    • Shiatsu massage
    • Palm reading under the stars



      • Multiple workshops
      • Opening and Closing ceremony 
      • Daily yoga and meditation sessions
      • Small group of guests, to ensure that each guest receives attention
      • Full board meals
      • Car rental for every 5 people


Kithira island -Location:

This yoga holiday will take place in Kithira, one of the wildest Greek islands.

The ancient myth that referred the island as Aphrodite’s birthplace has been the inspiration for the paintings of celebrated artists such as Sandro Botticelli and Jean-Antoine Watteau. 

Now, a trip to Kýthera is the symbol of a burning desire, of hankering for beauty; and not unjustly so.

You will be staying in Kapsali, a small village by the sea with a traditional community feel. It still largely upholds the true rural Kithirian ethics of simplicity, kindness, and hospitality.


Getting there

There are a lot of ways to come to Kythira. 

      1. By Plane from the international Airport of Athens.
      2. By boat from Piraeus.
      3. By car up to Gythion and Neapoli Lakonias and from there again by boat.
      4. If you come from Crete you can take the boat in Kasteli of Kissamos (district of Chania).
      5. Furthermore, there are flying dolphins departing from the port of Piraeus.

To choose your way to Kithira, read here what Andrew Bostock from The Telegraph wrote about it:

“Kythira can be troublesome to get to, a positive advantage in the perfect island stakes. It is not close to any of the better known islands, lying on its own at the bottom of the Peloponnese peninsula. You can fly there, but only on local flights, and the familiar UK package tour is unknown on the island. The best way to arrive is by boat. This can be done, rather indirectly, from Athens or, more pleasurably, from the little southern port of Neapoli, after a journey that can take in some of the delights of the Peloponnese itself”.

You can discover more about Kithira by reading his full article of 2015:


Booking Condition and other important Info:


    • You can secure your spot by paying a deposit of 20% (of the total amount), by sending an email to with subject line: "I ❤ YOGA".
    • Your 20% deposit holds your spot. The remaining 80% can be paid one month prior to your arrival in Kithira, by the beginning of August. 
    • If minimum number of participants (7) is not met, you’ll be notified one month prior to your arrival. In case you already made the full payment by then, you will receive a full refund within the next two or three weeks.
    • If you cancel or change your plans one month prior to your arrival your deposit will not be refunded.  
    • Friends, partners and families are more than welcome to come along even if they don't practice yoga. We will make a special price for them without including the yoga lessons price and they will be able to do all sorts of activities while you are practicing.
    • Parkolife is also able to assist you with all onward travel at the end of the retreat. 



  • An intention or desire: What are you trying to manifest in your life right now?.
  • Your curiosity to discover Kithira and to make new friends.
  • An appreciation for Yoga, as a way-of-living.
  • A desire to learn new skills. 



  • A deeper understanding of yogic alignment & correction of any problem poses.
  • All your yoga, meditation, myofascial release questions answered.
  • A daily meditation practice.
  • Deeper understanding of Pranayama and the importance of breezing correctly. 
  • New friends from all over the world.
  • Beautiful memories of Kithira and its habitants. 
  • A great sun tan! 
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