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Which style of Yoga is right for you?

Which style of Yoga is right for you?: click to enlarge
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DATE: 21.07 Saturday

LOCATION: ParkoLab-Kithira

TIME: From 16.00 to 17.30

with Chiara 

With so many different options it can sometimes be confusing to decide what the best type of Yoga for your lifestyle is... or you might have been practicing one kind of Yoga for a long time, and want to find out more about the many other practices there are.

The Yoga universe is a huge one, and our individual knowledge of it is often limited, but it is possible to find your way! Join Chiara as she leads you on a fun and interactive guide to the different styles of yoga and find out which one is best for you, together with a guide to the different names and mantras. We’ll end the class with a 15 minutes meditation, so you’ll leave calm and clear about your personal yoga journey.

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