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I watched the Rio 2016 Olympics with pure devotion. Especially the sports I find exciting and that I understand.

One of the first Greek medals was won was for women 's shooting . However, when I watched the medal ceremony and saw the the Greek flag on the top spot, my eyes were grabbed by something else.

The bronze medalist, standing on the podium, wasn't your typical Olympic medallist. She was obviously overweight and apparently a long way away from the "Healthy mind in a healthy body" ideal.

If this lady had been competing in the times of Ancient Greece, she wouldn’t have even allowed to compete at the Olympics, as she wouldn't represent the idea of "beauty - καλλος".

But of course, we’re no longer in Ancient Greece and there are certainly no nude competitors anymore!.

The possibilities are endless, in the modern world. Today, the chance of success is much higher than it was back then. Today there are many different sports available to compete in, many of which do not require any physical effort. (e.g. shooting, archery, golf). Obviously they require other technical abilities and skills, and still require mental focus, strength and accuracy But these sports still allow you to win an Olympic gold medal. And when you listen your national anthem, and your name is written down in history, no one really cares what sport you did it in.

So where am I going with this?

You want to become an olympic gold medalist, but you like to eat and not exercise?. No problem, become an olympic pistol shooter!

Of course, I’m kidding.

In life - with a lazy mentality, it’s difficult to get anywhere.

I don’t personally know the lady who won the bronze medal in shooting (she is 47y.o.) and I have no idea if she suffers from any health issues.

But I know one thing for sure.

In order to become an olympic gold medalist in any sport, you need to put in some serious effort. And this lady definitely did that. Perhaps in this instance, it just wasn't physical effort. We all know how challenging and tired we get when you use your brain for long periods of concentration- like when studying for exams.

And here it comes.

If you want to do something, just do it.

Try at least.

Then try some more.

Don't fall upon excuses that other people are more naturally gifted than you are.

Discover that area in your own life where you are exceptional. Discover that thing that you do better than anyone else you know. There will be at least one thing! Think about it closely.

And once you find it, once you settle upon it - focus on and develop this thing to it’s maximum. Forget about your weaknesses and focus on this strength of yours.

Then - Slowly slowly, constistently and with hard work – you will begin to overcome any obstacle. Never forget where you started from. Remind yourself always of this thing that you do better than anyone else. Practise it more and more. The sky is the limit.

And, then - who knows!

Someday, at any age, at any place you might become the "Olympic gold medalist" you have been dreaming of.

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"Women who seek to be equal to men, lack ambition." Marylin Monroe