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ParkoLife | The scale paradox

It’s time.

You want to be sexy and desired again.

It’s never too late.

So, you started going to the gym.

You make huge effort the first week.

You even started dieting. You try for at least 6 days to stick to your nutrition plan. Sunday is always free. No?

You wake up Monday morning, go to the toilet, release. Then you get ready, almost half asleep to scale yourself. Because, yes, after 7 days of “hardcore”, “superhuman” effort, you deserve to lose at least 3kg!


God damn! Scale is wrong! For sure.

You come down, scale yourself 10 more times. No, this bloody scale you got on offer needs to be thrown away.

It just can’t be true! Instead of losing, you re heavier 2kg.

Your whole world collapses.

Your muscly, almost model like trainer doesn’t do his job correctly; he thinks you want to become a bodybuilder. But you told him you want to lose weight, not to become big!!!

Maybe is your dietician. You told her you can’t just eat chicken and salad. It’s boring. Next week the same food again???

You doubt everyone. Slowly, yourself as well.

All this effort for nothing. You are thinking about stopping. Doesn’t worth after all….



Everything is fine.

This is what is supposed to happen normally.

You actually need this to happen. Otherwise sexy curves are not created.

So let me explain you in few, simple words, why you gain weight when you start training.

2 reasons.

Firstly, working out causes little tears on your muscle fibers (this triggers the soreness within the first 48hours). Your body then needs to heal. Needs to repair the muscle fibers and make them even stronger than before. The body eventually starts a healing procedure that causes inflammation to the specific area. Various substances are gathered at the inflamed area. Blood vessels are opening up to release toxins and finally get healed. The area that got inflamed and gathered all the fluids, clearly, will weigh more!

That’s why your legs look swollen the next day you did your squats.

That’s why the number on the scale is higher than before.

Aaaa, for you to know, this procedure is part of a process called homeostasis – adaptation.

Secondly and less unlikely for your weight to go up, could be that you put on more muscles than the fat you burned.

Read again. Take your time.

In a week!?!? Forget it. Almost impossible.

But this is going to happen after a while. You’re going to build muscles and burn fat while doing exercise and keeping tight to your diet. Muscles weigh more than fat and occupy less space. So in your body frame, the composition of muscles/fat will have changed. Muscles will occupy less space but the weight could be the same or higher. The scale number will be the same as before but the mirror image will tell another story.

Easy and clear?

I bet you understood now and everything is crystal clear.

Nevertheless, I have a question for you.

When did you start judging whether you look sexy or not, from the scale?!?!

I thought the only true judge of your sexiness is the mirror. Am I wrong?

So why do you care so much about a number?

Who is going to ask your weight if you look like Monica Belucci at her best?

Does it matter if you are 5kg more, but your abdominals are finally visible and your butt pops out like a perfectly shaped watermelon?

Think about it.

Scale or mirror?? Who should be the judge?

If you need more advices of how to make your body look sexy like Jessica Rabbit, book a Skype Coaching Call sending an email to

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ParkoLife | How to get a curvy bum and tight abs with 30 minutes training

First of all, if you are reading this and you are a man, continue. The post has useful tips even for you. Why do you think women like Brazilian exotic boys after all?

But this article is mainly for you. You, young lady, that you’re struggling on the treadmill in the gym every day and you don’t see these butt chicks lifting. Or you do 1000 abdominal crunches, as your trainer said, and there is still a cloak of fat above your belly.


Don’t worry. And I’m going to give it to you.

But first I want you to understand something else.

So read it below. And then go to the solution. Otherwise it won’t work.

Before you go to the gym, or in any other place to exercise you have to prepared.


You can’t be exhausted from work and starving, and expect to perform at your training. You will just lose your time. And money. Better stay home and sleep.

Also, you can’t go to the gym to look for a potential husband and expect to get your body toned as well. You need to choose. It’s like having sex with your partner and on the same time having him texting with another girl!

Yes, this is essential. You need to understand that when you go training, you need to be present and focused. 100%. Nothing else gets between you and your ass pumping!

So are you ready for the solution?

Actually, when you read it, you will say, pfff easy, I knew it. One more point minus then, because you knew it and you didn’t do it.

So, in order to have these buttocks of yours high like a gazelle and abs that look amazing with your bikini, you need to do one single thing:


And how you do this?

You simply squeeze and tight your abs and glutes in everything you do. You work your arms and shoulders? Tight your abs and glutes. You train your calves? Squeeze abs and glutes like a maniac.

Even if you stand in front of the mirror fixing your hair, abs and glutes have to be on fire.

Dont worry, no one is looking at your ass. Everyone is focused on their own insecurities.

Basically what you want to do, is activate at the maximum the areas that tend to accumulate fat.

How? If you tight the area of interest, more blood is going to pass from there. Muscles will start to activate again and slowly will escape the dormant phase you ‘ve left them.

And of course be patient. Patience is a virtue.

Don’t expect things to change in a day or a week. Give at least 90 days. With a normal, relaxed pace you can see lots of difference.

Finally, don’t fool yourself. If you continue eating like a little elephant ( watch this video here ----->, abs and glutes will be tight and firm, but you won’t be able to see them.

Now if you want to know more about how to make your abdominals and glutes be and look amazing, you can book a Skype Coaching Call with me, by sending an email to:

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ParkoLife | You want to be fit and you have no time?

Everything in life is about efficiency. You want to spend the least amount of time/money/effort and get the maximum result.

You always look for shop sales and ask discounts. You always want to minimize the time you travel to work. And you always want to do the minimum for your hyperactive children to go early to bed!

In fitness, things are the same. What I always say to the people I train is, that every exercise they practice has to have a meaning. An end goal. It has to take them somewhere they want.

So the game is pretty simple:

You just need to put the pieces together and be smart.

I know you are smart.

I bet is easy to understand what movements you need to train so as to perform better in your daily routine.

The problem is that most of the people don’t think that way. They need chewed food for many reasons. Mostly because of lack of time.

But let me ask you the following:

You are extremely busy, stressed, you don’t even have time to sit down and eat – and you struggle to find 1 hour per week to train your body.

Why don’t you spend some time to understand why you do that specific “muscle building” or “fat loss” program?

Or do you really need to spend 40min on the treadmill?

What is the real reason you do these squats and push ups in agony and sweat and you can’t wait the session to finish?

Have you ever asked your trainer (if you have one) why you do for example 6 repetitions in one exercise and 20 in another?

I could go on forever…

But where am I getting with this?

Listen to a story before.

Last weekend I had just finished a beach volleyball match. I was relaxing next to the court – eating as Dionysos God my fresh grapes.

A skinny guy arrived, lets call him Giannis, with his trendy Ray-ban glasses, all pumped up saying hi to everyone. I thought he would do some volleyball practice, but instead he went straight to an area where they do some strength and conditioning. There is a pull up bar, some small kettlebells, a barbell with no more than 30kg and the ground.

So, the guy, after 30 secs of “warm up” started training. I, as a “fitness pervert”, of course I looked what exercises he did, I even counted his repetitions.

He was doing quarter squats, half push ups, upright rows with wrong posture and some funny abdominal work. But the guy went mad. He was doing as many reps as he could. 50, 70, 100, 500, 1000, I don’t know. I lost counting after a while and got bored looking.

I normally offer my advice to anyone for free. So this wasn’t any other case. When he finished his marathon of repetitions, I went and asked him why he trained so much and whether he would compete to any sort of endurance challenge. And you know what he replied? “No man, I just want to become big”.

Now everything depends on your knowledge and critical thinking.

How is possible for someone to grow big and put on muscles if he does hundreds of repetitions with a load of a small, skinny body?

Ok, don’t tell me that your favorite trainer on YouTube is doing just Body Weight exercises. You can’t be so naïve…

You don’t need to understand exactly how the aerobic and the anaerobic system on your body works, but look around you.

Which athlete is big and muscly? Who is skinny and light framed?

Go to the next question.

What training do they do to become like this?

And to the next one. Don’t be afraid, ask it. (Don’t even mention anabolics here – you re just trying to find excuses)

Could I do the same training to become like that?

Ok. Now I m oversimplifying things. But you need to be mindful.

You need take action after planning.

Someone, obviously with no knowledge, told Giannis that he needed to do as many push ups as he could so as to grow big. And the poor guy, for the sake of the repetitions he was sacrificing his technique, his reasoning and his time. No efficiency at all. (Actually I saw him the next day and he had injured his knee…)

Now to give you the answer, this is the rule:

In order to become big, or even when you want to lose weight, you need to become strong.

I repeat it so you can fix it clearly in your mind:

In order to become big, or even when you want to lose weight, you need to become strong.

End of the story.

Strength is the base of everything.

First is strength and then is everything else (power, explosiveness, aerobic capability etc.). So if you want to grow like Hulk you need to work for absolute strength. Heavy weight and low reps. There is no way around it.

First option is when you have the possibility to go to the gym. Dead easy. What you need to do is few compound muscle building movements with progressively heavy load for low reps. What does this mean? No more than 20-30min every time in the gym, exercises that activate many muscles, right technique, focused, no phone close to you, appropriate rest between sets and you re done. Your body doesn't need too much to change. A little bit more every day.

But my skinny friend, Giannis, has no access to a gym or heavy weights. Then obviously he has to be intelligent and use something else instead of external weight.

You guessed right. His body. He needs to do difficult bodyweight exercises (chin ups, 1 arm push ups, 1 leg squats, jumps, planks etc.) to give the neurological signal to the body in order to grow. Simple as that. Not too much time. 15-20 min with a well designed program – full of efficiency, Giannis in a sort amount of time he will have the results he wants. (Again don’t hide behind the excuse that these exercises are too difficult – there are progressions, see the VIDEO ON YOUTUBE CHANNEL)

And to go back to what I was saying at the very beginning:

Use internet to educate your knowledge about the exercises you do.

You don’t have time?

Are you sure?

Instead of spending 20min on social networks, spend 10 instead. The other 10 look up how are you going to do one thing and only:

How to force this fragile body of yours to transform into a strong one.

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ParkoLife | Aim for the right people

Let me start with a rule that you can all look it up and actively use it.

"Pareto's principle or 80-20 rule."

Basically what it says is that 80% of your results come from 20% of your causes/resources.

Simple and easy it can be applied to almost everything in life. For example, you have a company with 10 clients and X amount of profit. According to the rule, just 2 of your clients bring the 80% of your profits. Or, maybe you follow a fitness training regime. Only the 20% of the exercises you do bring the most of the results to your body.

The question is who actually uses this simple technique to improve his life? I have one example here right for you...

Eleni has been training with me for almost 2 years now. Although when she first came to me she looked slim and fit, there wasn't too much there. No real athleticism/fitness (strength, stamina, technique, work ethic, etc.) and no experience in any sort of exercise. She wanted to start competing at beach volleyball and needed someone to train her strength and conditioning. Loooooong way......At our first class she struggled to do 1.5 push up and then collapsed telling me how tired she felt.

After 2 years, Eleni is one of my strongest female athletes and an example for the rest of my clients how to train hard and efficiently. Every day that passes she becomes a better athlete and a person of higher value. She is healthy, she has no injuries and won recently her first beach volleyball tournament.

And you come and ask me, what Eleni has to do with the Pareto principle?

20-80 rule. When training Eleni now, I spend the least time and effort (comparing to the rest of my clients) and she has almost the best results. She interprets the information I give her into something highly qualitative while entering into an auto pilot mode in order to execute her training. She is super motivated, conscious of what she is doing and always seeking for a better version of herself. And the fact is, she is getting what she wants!!

But hold your horses my friend. It is not that easy. If you think everyone can follow a training program and become a highly competitive athlete, then you better wait for Santa Claus as well.

I applied the 20-80 rule when I chose to train Eleni. I knew from the beginning that she had a high potential. Both her mind and her body. So I focused greatly on her. We spent lots of quality training time together and gave her my support and feedback so as to get the basis of how to train meaningfully. She took that and flew high.

So I ask you.

Where in your life do you spend most of your energy? Do you get the results you expect? Where can you apply the Pareto principle? Do you keep the right people in your life, the ones that gonna give you the most energy back?

Where do you invest your 20% of your time so as to get the 80% of your results?

Closing, I will give you my usual advice.

You cannot be perfect. No one can. So stop looking for the absolute 100%.

Focus more on your advantages and skills, the ones that make you 80% successful.

Work on them to make them grow.

They don't have to be many.

Just a few.

But they need to be absolutely perfect.

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ParkoLife | Who to blame after all?

Since last November I started training beach volleyball. Learning the basics of the game and getting a "well-deserved" break from my pregnant wife 2-3 times per week, sounded gorgeous.

On Saturdays, you can always arrange a "friendly" match with other locals who want to show their beach volleyball skills or train normally in a more game like way - playing the "side out".

So, the set up is this:

Chania. Beach volleyball court. Sunny, not too hot, perfect conditions. 5 guys to play the "side out". One of them is the coach. Nektarios. One of the best beach volleyball players here in Crete.

We play the game in such a fashion, so as whoever does a mistake gets replaced by the 5th player waiting. The one who judges who did the mistake, is obviously!!!, the coach. On top of that, he offers to explain the reason of the mistake. Each one counts points of his own. The one who gets first at 21 points wins.

So, all clear, simple and nice - ready to start.

First set, until we understand completely the application of the rules, Nektarios has collected the most points. So set over.

Second set. Players start to figure out the right strategy and how to earn points, so the game becomes more interesting. And here is where things become intriguing. There is one guy that starts complaining. But complaining a lot. Moaning and groaning like a little girl. Blaming always his occurrent team player for the lost points. Not accepting his mistakes and doubting the judging of the coach. At one point he even kicked the ball from his "frustration". The only thing this guy wants is to win. At any cost.

The "side out" finishes. It doesn't really matter who won (well you can guess....). There is tension on the air. The guy continues to complain. No one pays attention to him anymore. I leave and I have just one simple question...

"Why is always the other one's fault?"

And yes. You, that you are reading it right now, you do it most of the times. You tend to blame the others for most of your difficulties. You tend to blame the government for the Greek crisis. You tend to blame your boss/work for not having enough time to spend with your loved ones. You tend to hide behind the excuse that "life is hard" so you can't make any step to progress.

But you want to listen the truth?

Shut the f*** up and do the bloody work in front of you!

Just do it.

It is no other's fault but yours.

Put your head down and work it out. Try to understand what you did wrong and slowly to improve it. Understand the situation you are in, create a plan-strategy of how to become victorious. Recognise your tools/equipments/skills/capacities you have. Put them in use. They are your mean to reach where you want.

Recognise your enemy. It's you. Just you. You are always competing with yourself. You are always trying to win your present self so as to become something better. Something higher. People, situations, conditions, difficulties around you are just the excuse you need to improve yourself. They don't work against you, but with you. They are the spark that will light your inner fire of progression.

And you will see my friend. Once you start being more humble, more conscious of what you do and receive the feedback of others as a free gift for improvement, then you will win.

And it is not going to be a silly beach volleyball game, but the game of life.

Start seeing your difficulties as opportunities to progress and improve yourself.

Start thanking life and not blaming it for what throws at you.

Start accepting of who you are and what you can do.

And this is the beginning of becoming a person of higher value.

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ParkoLife | The attitude makes the difference

First story I m going to share is the one of Matina's.

Matina joined ParkoLab in January '16 and she is definitely one of the most enthusiastic persons I' ve met. Mother of three and professor at the University of Crete. Busy as hell, lightly stressed and always with positive energy ready to share it with you. She used to love to running and exercise but due to a knee injury she took it veeeeeery easy lately.

Matina has been training with me for less than a month, but has seen tremendous improvement in herself. Her mood has changed, she is more revitalised every morning, she goes through the day with ease and her body has started to retake the old curvature. Slowly slowly she is gonna add some walking, light jogging and eventually a bit of running. But mostly she is happy and pleased with herself and her progression.

Ok, you would say, so what? What s the point of me reading the rest of the post? We ve heard thousands of stories like that before.

I agree. But you forget one thing. We are in Greece. In lovely Chania. One of the prettiest cities in Greece, almost forgotten in the beauty of Mediterranean sea..

Things move here with a turtle pace, people are afraid to expand and take the next step. Noone has shown them the way and most of them are scared of changes. People decide to start doing exercise from Monday, but what they mean is Monday next year!! People decide to start eating healthy and what they do is actually wait to get sick and then start being conscious of what they put in their body.

Anyway. Back to Matina. What s the key difference in her progression?


Matina attacks life. When she comes to train she is present. She understands why she is there and sweats. She is doing every exercise, every set, every rep with meaning. She is joyfull and positive. She doesn't let outside problems interfere with the time she devotes to herself and body.

But the most important attribute of her journey to a healthier body is one and only.


She knows what she does and for what reason.

And this is my message for you today my friends. Be mindful. Do things for a cause, a bigger one preferably. Dont waste your time on things that leave you empty. With people that have nothing to give you.

Attack life, decide your own path. Try to look things from the bright side.

Take your sword out and get ready to fight.

There is always the choice. This is Matina's story, what's yours?.

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