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ParkoLife | Calories and the Casino experience

Do you really know what are you putting in your body and how it translates in weight changes? Be honest in your answer.

Let’s start from the very beginning, to make things clear and easy to understand.

There are 3 macronutrients:


• Fats

• Carbohydrates (CHO)

For sure you have heard them before. Each food contains them either in singularity or in combination.

Each macronutrient provides energy to your organism in order to function.

Then, each macronutrient contains a number of calories, distribute in this way:

1 gram of Protein has 4 calories

• 1 gram of Fat has 9 calories

• 1 gram of CHO has 4 calories

• 1 gram of Alcohol has 7 calories

think that calories are like chips in your Casino experience and everyday life-in order to function- you need some of them. You must insert calories in your body in order to breath, to sit, to move, to exercise, to et, to talk, to have sex…even sleeping require an expenditure of calories.

So what’s a calorie?

It is a unit of energy. More specifically, a unit of food energy. And they are very much connected with your body weight. Whether you’re going to put on, lose or maintain your weight depends by their intake.

1. So, where you get these calories in the first place? Macronutrients.

2. Where do you find the macronutrients? Food.

3. And what is your goal when you play in the life casino? Depends.

Instead of analyzing the first law of thermodynamics, I’m going to give you another way to remember how you lose, maintain or put on weight, and I’m going to relate it to a Casino-that place were you go to become rich or poor in one night…

So ready? Let’s go!

Imagine you enter the Casino (your daily life) and the big boss (the metabolism) gives you 2000 worth chips to play with (your daily calorie requirements – the food you eat). Here the three possible outcome of the game;

1. If you spend all 2000, your body weight is in maintenance mode.

2. If you spend less than 2000, and go home with some money in the pocket, you re gaining weight.

3. If you spend all 2000 and you need to borrow some more from your savings, you are losing weight.

So, think that the 2000 worth chips you spend in the Casino are all the activities you do throughout the day. If you eat 2000 calories every day and you spend 1500, obviously the rest 500 are going to be stored. Guess where?

-Hips (they become Love Handle)

-Stomach (it becomes a Fat Loose Belly)

-Ass (...depends, somebody likes it big...)

-Arm (now you have fantastic Bingo Wings!!!!!))

Basically, all around your muscles.

Does it matter when you eat those 2000 calories? No.

You can eat all of them at once or in 20 different meals. The result is the same, you store them.

Does it matter where you get those 2000 calories from? No.

You can drink 2000 calories of vodka or eat 2000 calories of protein. The result is the same.

Apparently, if you want to become rich, the Casino requires you to be a consistent player .And for that, after a short period of time it rewards you. Either with a higher, a lower or the same number on the scale.

This means that if you eat consistently less calories from you daily requirements, your weight will go down. The same if you eat more.

But wait a sec!!!!

How do you calculate your daily calorie requirements and How do you know how many calories you eat?

Fancy an answer? Stay tune with the next post blog.

"Women who seek to be equal to men, lack ambition." Marylin Monroe