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Below the hustle and bustle of the streets of Chania lies a hidden studio.

A space where like-minded souls gather to explore the potential of their minds and bodies.

Where hearts pump, drums pound, music plays. Where the scent of jasmine mingles with the breath of people challenging themselves to go further, stretch deeper, work harder.

A space designed to help you dream big, stretch your mind and body, and find freedom in the discipline of practice.

It’s so normal to find that just going to the gym, or trying to follow a new diet, is not enough on its own to support you to reach the goals you dream of.

What makes the difference is becoming part of a community that supports you to commit fully to those goals; inspires you to be the best you can be; and challenges you to go further than you thought was possible.

Join us for daily, weekly and one-off classes and workshops to expand your concept of what your body is capable of. The practices are different, but our approach is the same: clear focus, whole-body commitment, and an awareness that when your mind and body are in line, anything is possible.


Yoga, (any style) : Monthly Entrance 20 Classes-55 Euro.

NEW STARTING FROM OCTOBER 2016 Pregnancy Yoga : Monthly Entrance, 4 Classes, 40 Euro.

Meditation: Monthly Entrance, 4 Classes, 30 Euro.

Body Massage: 1 Hour, 30 Euro.

Capoeira Angola: Monthly Entrance-30 Euro.

Our Events: please check in ParkoHoliday for full price and availability.

For Personal and Group training: please contact us by phone. Or send an email to

Personal and Group Training

Personal Training combined with powerful lifestyle coaching: aligns your mind and body to reach the goals you didn't think were possible.

3 days Group Training: so you can experience the power of community and the support of people as committed as you are to transforming their lives..

And if your body is asking for more, Food advice and personalized diets - whether you want to shape up safely and sustainably, or target a training need, we have the expert advice you need.

Yoga Space

**Please note that Yoga Classes are suspended from the 18/04 due to Chiara's Maternity, normal Yoga schedule will be back from the 8/10 **

For the new Yoga Schedule, please wait until the end of September.

Everyday Hatha Yoga and breathing techniques which release stress and tension and reduce the load on your body.

Vinyasa and Power Yoga to tone, strengthen, stretch and sweat.

From October 2016, every week Pregnancy Yoga class to find your balance for this unique journey.

In ParkoLab you can also find one hour per week for Individual or Group Mindful Meditation slows down your 'monkey mind' and connects you to deep, lasting calm.

Capoeira Angola

On Saturday afternoon, Capoeira Angola – powerful rhythms fuel serious play.

Relax and Energy

Treat yourself!

Thai Massage; deep tissue relaxation and restoration for your muscles or Shiatsu Massage using powerful meridian points to release tension and align your body.

And if you need to restore your body from stress and fatique, try the magic power of a Reiki session.

Our Events

All our event are hosted in ParkoLab, usually during week end.

Come and discover more by visiting Our Holiday or join our Free Events!

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"You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day - unless you are too busy - then you should sit for one hour." Thich Nhat Hanh