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-Where do I begin?

If you are unsure of your entry level or what style of yoga you should investigate, please give us a call +30 6987328727 or send us an email to!

-What do the different classes involve?

We offer 4 different styles of Yoga: Hatha, Vinyasa, Power and AcroYoga. You can check the web page IS THIS YOU to find out more about each individual style. Or talk to Chiara over the phone on +30 698 7328727 or via email at

-What do I need to bring? Do I need a mat and what should I wear?

We provide communal mats. Props such as bricks, blocks and straps are provided to support you if you are new to yoga, if you have any injuries or like to modify your practice.

Shoes and socks are not worn when practicing yoga. Wear comfortable clothing, that you can move and stretch in. For you that may mean something baggy and loose fitting, or tight and stretchy. You may get hot so perhaps you want to wear something that will keep you cool, but bring something to keep you warm when you slow down in relaxation.

-What if I have an injury/medical condition?

Always consult your doctor first and please inform the Chiara or Panagis before the class starts. You may also like to book a consultation or two to work one-to-one with a teacher who will help you understand how to adapt your practice to accommodate for your injury.

-What if I am pregnant?

Always consult your doctor before attending a class and communicate to us in advance if this is your case.

-I’m not flexible. Can I do yoga?

Absolutely. Saying you are too inflexible for yoga is like saying you are too dirty for a shower! Yoga helps build flexibility so it is perfect for you! It’s a great way of creating space and ease in your body and is an amazing compliment to other sporting activities.

-I want to try advanced postures. Which classes shall I try?

Attending workshops and courses is a great way to improve your practice and work on advanced poses. Here the postures will be explore through different techniques and broken down into preparatory poses, strengthening drills and flexibility exercises. It is a great way to focus on specific parts of your practice. When you have a good understanding of the alignment principles that underpin the key postures, you can apply these to more challenges poses and learn to hold your body correctly in these asanas.


-What would I wear?

We recommend wearing fitted clothing to avoid the material flapping and getting caught in equipment. A technical fabric would be perfect, as it will allow sweat to be wicked away from your skin. It is important to wear the right footwear to support your feet and joints as you workout. A good fitting pair of running trainers with arch support (as required) would be ideal; any good sportswear provider can help you find the best pair for you. We also recommend bringing a small towel to wipe down the equipment after use.

-I am recovering from an injury, is it safe to exercise?

Panagis will be able to provide you with various exercises to help you whilst recovering from injury. In addition we work with a physiotherapist here in Chania, where you can book a consultation session.

-I have just had a baby, can I exercise again?

In simple terms this will depend on how much exercise you were doing before your baby was born and the type of birth. There is no set time period but you should only recommence a structured exercise programme after you have attended your final post-natal check-up and taken specialist advice from your doctor.

-How soon can I see an improvement while doing fitness and body training?

You can improve your fitness with just a few workouts, especially if you're not in great shape to begin with and you're looking to boost endurance or cardiovascular health. If you're already near the top of your game, or your goal is to improve your strength, it may take a bit longer to reach that next level.Of course, results like this only happen when you really push yourself and you commit with consistency. Bear in mind that food and diet play a huge part into your fitness/loosing weight mode.


-What's life coaching?

A life coach helps you get from where you are in your life now, to where you want to go. In other words, their job is to help you get from Point A to Point B in your life. Your coach is someone who supports you, motivates you, and holds you accountable to achieving your vision for yourself. Whatever it is that you want in your life, they will help you get there.

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